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IT security

Security is imperative when it comes to IT and invaluable data is undoubtedly the biggest asset of any company. The security practices at your organization determine uninterrupted business and also guards all the business activities and the very purpose of being in business! Organizations cannot afford to leave any data or systems vulnerable at any given point of time and hence the importance of an experienced security partner is obvious and pertinent


Cisco-firepower NGFW is the single-point contact to lock threats head-on and mitigate risks quickly so that the breach threats are destroyed then and there. The advanced malware protection gives full visibility and flexibility as it centralizes, integrates and simplifies management. A real-time threat management tool that controls access to your network and the use of controls application. Security automation feature automatically identifies threats and prioritizes attacks.


AMP correlates the identified malware, telemetry data that creates and an alert to act immediately. A continuous and analysis and retrospective security is created through AMP and is a great tool when it comes to detection and blocking of threats. This provides quick detection and automation protection.

Ransomware Umbrella

A crucial protection tool that masks and stops threats all over ports and even direct to IP connections. It mitigates the breach even before it reaches the endpoints in the network.


This is the next generation secure network access that helps to create awareness of everything that’s hitting your network. It simplifies access across wired, wireless and VPN connections.

We understand the need and the implementation of the right security services as per the need and the requirement at each organization. Customized solutions to fix breach loop-holes and keeping the system infrastructure intact any given point of time. We believe that innovation can only be optimized within a fully secure infrastructure and operations.

Collaboration and IP telephony

Unified communication defines smooth running of businesses and also reflects the company’s need to go that extra mile when it comes to staying connected. Without communication none of the services would render the right objective. Clearly, unified communication and IP telephony helps clients stay connected wherever, whenever and this amplifies profitability and business expansion in many ways.

Cisco Spark

  • • Always-on messaging and file sharing
  • • Team workspaces with video calling and screen share
  • • Ability to integrate third-party apps and add functionality
  • • End-to-end encryption

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  • • Reduce costs, simplify provisioning and maintenance
  • • Improve mobility with embedded software capabilities
  • • Choose from flexible deployment options

Cisco Business Edition 6000

  • • Packaged collaboration for up to 1000 users and 50 sites
  • • Advanced with simplified deployment and management
  • • Scalable protects up to 99 percent of UC investment

Cisco Jabber

  • • Collaborate from any workspace
  • • Simplify presence, voice, video, messaging, and conferencing
  • • Enjoy a consistent experience across devices

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

  • • Present, share, and collaborate to accelerate decisions
  • • Meet with anyone using any standards-based video device
  • • Use personal, always-available meeting rooms

Cisco WebEx Meetings Server

  • • Deploy WebEx on a highly secure, private cloud (on-premises)
  • • Get audio, video, and web in an all-in-one conferencing solution
  • • Extend IP telephony to conferencing

It is imperative that you choose the right technology partner to connect people quickly, efficiently and reliably. It is not only about establishing a connection, but the unified communication strategy by Konnet augments business potential bringing in more profits and lesser risks at any given point of time.


Get better performance with wireless! Wireless brings connectivity and collaboration together and this unified power helps augment your business and take it to a new level. Change is the key to growth, and with Konnet’s wireless technology our clients take the leap into a huge innovative, revolutionary change. With our wireless technology our customers not only reduce your infrastructural and operational costs, you will get the benefit of increased productivity, and more power to your data.
Konnets’ Cisco Wireless innovation gives high power to adaptation, implementation and results.

Indoor Access Point

With Cisco’s specialty in wireless you can setup your network faster, Optimize automatically and address high density access needs. Ours is the world’s most versatile and adaptable wireless network one that is ideal for all big and midsize organizations.

Outdoor Access Point

High technology solutions give better outdoor access. With innovative technology, our access points enable strong connectivity even while amid rugged and hazardous locations.

Application Visibility and control

Our strong application controls facilitate application visibility, network-wide application control, application analytics and application performance.

We redefine wireless going the extra mile by making security as much of a priority as the connectivity itself. We bring in easy adaptation without disrupting work place infrastructure. Faster speeds of connection help you stay connected within your workforce and globally anywhere, anytime.

Switching Routing

It is not only important to manage your data but also streamline it with a scheduled and proper delivery system. Proper switching and routing puts method to all the chaos and streamlines the delivery of data on time without any glitches. Routing that is highly scalable, easy to implement without disruption with dynamic networking is the need of the time. Konnet’s expertise in switching and routing has the best technology to help you optimize your infrastructural capabilities.
Here are our systematic offerings to tend to each need of our customers

DC Switching

Virtual Device Contexts is Cisco’s 7000 series switches that can be segmented into virtual devices and it has the benefits of administration plane, fault isolation, enhanced security and much more. IN addition to VDCs, Virtual Port Channels enables a server or switch to use an ether channel to help use up all the uplink bandwidth that is available. To take DC switching a step further, our continuous system operation helps in maintenance, upgrades and software certifications that can be performed without service interruptions.
Cisco’s NX-OS provides outstanding data confidentiality and integrity. It provides multiple layer security with access control links for post-security too. Our Overlay transport virtualization enables layer 2 extensions between distributed data centers. In addition to the above we also provide NX-OS Persistent Storage Service to help restart a process, switch over to a redundant supervisor module and fabric path enables each device to build an overall view of the topology. Fabric path helps simplify operational support and configuration allowing a lot of flexibility when it comes as regards topology in the switching systems.


We use various connectivity modules for more flexibility and agility that can enable constant connection. Viptela is altering the traditional concepts by altering data and control plane connectivity model by use of SDN to create and SDN WAN technology. In addition to SDN we have Route reflector designs. These have a huge advantage of being able to be positioned anywhere on the network as they do not have to sit on the data path. With ISR Routers we help you accomplish a lot in no time and consistently. It allows high-quality user experience, as faster response to business and user needs, a wide-range of connectivity options and unified communication.
Konnet offers a range of value-adding services-

  • • Excellent, high-end technology
  • • Well built and flawlessly interconnected network components
  • • Customized switching and routing plan
  • .• Prioritized voice, video and multimedia data packets
  • • Optimal design and high scalability

It is imperative that IT understands the importance of a robust Switching and Routing and treat them as the real-time lifelines of their data network. Transparent bridging and on-demand routing systems are a must and we provide seamless connectivity to provide the best through high-end security.

Structured Cabling

Organizing your work premises are of prime importance if the operations have to be carried out without hassles and chaos. We transform your premises from a mess of tangled wires and meshes to an organized and structured, systematically arranged cabling. We thoroughly understand your infrastructural requirements and then segregate cabling. Segregation helps isolate problems and thus help them fix quickly.

Konnet’s cabling

With perfect construction plan reviews for EIA/TIA standard compliances in place, Konnet’s cabling is structured that is well based on specifications that are planned out well and speed implemented. The entire cable system is designed, planned with a clearly chalked out budget. This leaves no discrepancies for flawless cabling systems. Your network performance is majorly dependent on how hassle free the cabling has been planned and implemented. It is also dependent on the structure and design. This is has a direct bearing on infrastructural and operational costs and thus can help enhance business. In addition, Konnet Structured cabling deployments include supply and installation of all categories of copper cable connectivity. We also deploy Optical Fiber Connectivity, Cable management systems, Network cabinets and Site audits and recommendation reports.

Our value addition structured cabling makes gives the following benefits-

  • • Smart cabling to reduce costs<
  • • State-of-the-art cables
  • • Minimize floor space and reduces over-heating of cables
  • • Zero down-time
  • • Robust design and plan facilitates scalability

Konnet gives structured cabling as much importance as the actual security and other aspects of infrastructure and operations. We believe that string cabling expertise can leverage network skills and manifests data transfer more efficiently.

Video Surveillance & Access Control

Innovation also calls for more robust security measures. Resorting to normal security measures isn’t enough when your premises are full of high activity. Video Surveillance and Access control is how you take matters into hands and makes for a secured environment indirectly leading to more productivity. Konnets IP Video Surveillance can access video footage from any network from any location with investigative tools.

IP Video Surveillance

We use some of the most modern tools to make sure you are safe at any given time and that nothing is left to indiscretion and is investigated and found out immediately with quick response. Enterprise IP Video Solutions, Mobile Video Solutions, Digital Video storage, Digital Video Network transmission Design, Large Enterprise Video Systems, Operational Analysis are some of the outstanding and excellent systems that we develop and install that make our IP Video Surveillance one of the best in IT today. Apart from the IP Video Surveillance we have made Alarm Selection and Integration our priority and thus we facilitate the best in it. While we install the same, we consider interface requirements, Central Station Monitoring Systems, System Capacity Evaluation, Exterior perimeter protection, code compliances as vital aspects of Alarm Selection and Integration.
Not stopping only at installations, we also go a step ahead and manage access through operational analysis, planning and design, project cost estimating and scheduling.
To cement our efforts in Video Surveillance and Access control, we have partnered with Interfelx GmBh as our strategic business partner and we have also partnered with Honeywell, Motobix, Axis, Vivotek and Hikvision.

Our best efforts in video surveillance and access control give the following benefits to our clients-

  • • Security identification
  • • Fool-proof system that alerts and acts
  • • Understanding the need of security and customizing the solutions
  • • Uncompromised quality in security

We set the security standards so high that there isn’t a single loophole left to create any unmanaged security hassles in your premises. Our security surveillance is based on a strict protocol for all our clients so that standardization and quality are maintained throughout.



Konnet’s IDTS is an end-to-end solution in itself; one that helps automates the vehicle driving tests by means of video analytics.

Here are some more benefits of using IDTS-

  • • Our data networking expertise coming up with the latest video analytic algorithms helped us create the IDTS solution
  • • Performance of the driver is analyzed using video analyzer
  • • As per the accuracy and quality of driving, the driver is automatically graded
  • • Real-time result generation enables transparency and accuracy
  • • Comprehensive report generation at finger tips to keep all data in one place

Smart pass

Konnet’s prerogative is to come up with innovative products that are timeless and very effective when it comes to implementation. Smart Pass is one such product which is actually a simplified solution for authorization of vehicles. This Digital authorization for vehicles empowers the controls of the vehicles. It is extremely easy to use and the highlight of the product is its cost-effectiveness. With no investment for any hardware such as cameras, servers the only investment remains for the mobile device. The great advantage of our innovative product is that it works even in the absence of networks.

Other features are as follows-

  • • High security for data
  • • Facility to record fancy plates
  • • Mobile application to monitor vehicles through entry and exit both
  • • Legitimacy of records is detected and recorded through the number plate detection algorithms
  • • Records driver’s face
  • • A differentiating record of authorized vehicles and visitor vehicles is maintained and can be viewed from time to time
  • • All the history data is well maintained


With Innovation and precision we make the most complicated products simplified and repeatedly usable with no human intervention needed of their use. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Detection) is one such crucial product from Konnet that makes vehicular issues redundant.

Here is what makes ANPR from Konnet unique-

  • • Integrating seamlessly with boom barriers, induction loops, security alarms etc.
  • • Effortless integration with various brands of cameras
  • • Perfect product for city surveillance, parking management and toll plazas
  • • Manual edit facility while it also records fancy number plates
  • • Uninterrupted monitoring on the streets
  • • Vehicle counting and vehicle image capturing
  • • Facilitates real-time vehicle detection and red light violation
  • • Integrated in a single system and facilitates monitoring in multiple lanes
  • • Real time license plate detection (OCR)
  • • Hotlisting of vehicles that are being stolen. It facilitates raising an alarm immediately of the stole car is being detected.


Konnet’s UIMS is a very investigative and analytical tool; one that helps system delivers high performance.

Here are some of things that having UIMS in your system can help you achieve-

  • • Application of video analytics in images captured by drones in order to detect any anomalies in the region of interest in the system
  • • Facilitating advanced machine learning algorithms that help the system to deliver high performance
  • • Drone surveillance to detect abnormalities
  • • To be able to gauge the magnitude of the anomaly
  • • Monitoring infrastructure


Vatsa is one such product that is QR based asset management system in itself. Vatsa addresses the any difficulties that you are facing in managing your inventory.

Here’s what is unique about our product Vatsa apart from addressing your challenges-

  • • A product dashboard that provides one place to view all or products
  • • Provide a legitimate and secure database
  • • Track your AMCS
  • • Make faster business decisions
  • • Warranty tracking facilitates an increase in AMC revenue
  • • Provides simple solution for labor intensive tasks
  • • Ensure quality of service as OEM is able to reach the customers easily
  • • Creating custom QR codes for the organization that boosts the branding of the organization
  • • Digital verification of the product for the customers
  • • Reducing the list of misplaced items
  • • Reducing human errors by adapting Digital
  • • Cloud takes charge to provide all data in one place facilitating easy access anytime from anywhere
  • • Product scanning accompanied by GPS location recording


Accuracy, reliability and speed are critical aspects in Automation. The more accurate and precise the provisions are the more profitable it is to the customer. Taking into consideration this basic fundamental our products are built to make automation easy and bring in more profits. Wagon-i is one such product that has various value-added features that make automation less complex. It addresses various challenges in automation such as poor night time detection, unclear and faded numbers, and inconsistency in following protocol.

Wagon-i exhibits the following features that make it one of the most preferred products in automation-

  • • Detect and eliminate locomotivesolution
  • • Edit unrecognized numbers
  • • Detect and display unrecognized number to ensure 100% usability
  • • Enables customized report generation in real-time
  • • Creates customized reports for statistical data analysis and business processes
  • • Wagon-I will help detect the location of number
  • • The product gives option for manual editing
  • • It also helps in rail direction detection

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