Konnet’s IDTS is an end-to-end solution in itself; one that helps automates the vehicle driving tests by means of video analytics.

Here are some more benefits of using IDTS-

  • • Our data networking expertise coming up with the latest video analytic algorithms helped us create the IDTS solution
  • • Performance of the driver is analyzed using video analyzer
  • • As per the accuracy and quality of driving, the driver is automatically graded
  • • Real-time result generation enables transparency and accuracy
  • • Comprehensive report generation at finger tips to keep all data in one place

Smart pass

Konnet’s prerogative is to come up with innovative products that are timeless and very effective when it comes to implementation. Smart Pass is one such product which is actually a simplified solution for authorization of vehicles. This Digital authorization for vehicles empowers the controls of the vehicles. It is extremely easy to use and the highlight of the product is its cost-effectiveness. With no investment for any hardware such as cameras, servers the only investment remains for the mobile device. The great advantage of our innovative product is that it works even in the absence of networks.

Other features are as follows-

  • • High security for data
  • • Facility to record fancy plates
  • • Mobile application to monitor vehicles through entry and exit both
  • • Legitimacy of records is detected and recorded through the number plate detection algorithms
  • • Records driver’s face
  • • A differentiating record of authorized vehicles and visitor vehicles is maintained and can be viewed from time to time
  • • All the history data is well maintained


With Innovation and precision we make the most complicated products simplified and repeatedly usable with no human intervention needed of their use. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Detection) is one such crucial product from Konnet that makes vehicular issues redundant.

Here is what makes ANPR from Konnet unique-

  • • Integrating seamlessly with boom barriers, induction loops, security alarms etc.
  • • Effortless integration with various brands of cameras
  • • Perfect product for city surveillance, parking management and toll plazas
  • • Manual edit facility while it also records fancy number plates
  • • Uninterrupted monitoring on the streets
  • • Vehicle counting and vehicle image capturing
  • • Facilitates real-time vehicle detection and red light violation
  • • Integrated in a single system and facilitates monitoring in multiple lanes
  • • Real time license plate detection (OCR)
  • • Hotlisting of vehicles that are being stolen. It facilitates raising an alarm immediately of the stole car is being detected.


Konnet’s UIMS is a very investigative and analytical tool; one that helps system delivers high performance.

Here are some of things that having UIMS in your system can help you achieve-

  • • Application of video analytics in images captured by drones in order to detect any anomalies in the region of interest in the system
  • • Facilitating advanced machine learning algorithms that help the system to deliver high performance
  • • Drone surveillance to detect abnormalities
  • • To be able to gauge the magnitude of the anomaly
  • • Monitoring infrastructure


Vatsa is one such product that is QR based asset management system in itself. Vatsa addresses the any difficulties that you are facing in managing your inventory.

Here’s what is unique about our product Vatsa apart from addressing your challenges-

  • • A product dashboard that provides one place to view all or products
  • • Provide a legitimate and secure database
  • • Track your AMCS
  • • Make faster business decisions
  • • Warranty tracking facilitates an increase in AMC revenue
  • • Provides simple solution for labor intensive tasks
  • • Ensure quality of service as OEM is able to reach the customers easily
  • • Creating custom QR codes for the organization that boosts the branding of the organization
  • • Digital verification of the product for the customers
  • • Reducing the list of misplaced items
  • • Reducing human errors by adapting Digital
  • • Cloud takes charge to provide all data in one place facilitating easy access anytime from anywhere
  • • Product scanning accompanied by GPS location recording


Accuracy, reliability and speed are critical aspects in Automation. The more accurate and precise the provisions are the more profitable it is to the customer. Taking into consideration this basic fundamental our products are built to make automation easy and bring in more profits. Wagon-i is one such product that has various value-added features that make automation less complex. It addresses various challenges in automation such as poor night time detection, unclear and faded numbers, and inconsistency in following protocol.

Wagon-i exhibits the following features that make it one of the most preferred products in automation-

  • • Detect and eliminate locomotivesolution
  • • Edit unrecognized numbers
  • • Detect and display unrecognized number to ensure 100% usability
  • • Enables customized report generation in real-time
  • • Creates customized reports for statistical data analysis and business processes
  • • Wagon-I will help detect the location of number
  • • The product gives option for manual editing
  • • It also helps in rail direction detection