Value Proposition:
No wireless or wired network required. Power cabling acts as network for transport of sensor data and command & control
No change to civil infrastructure. No change to interiors. True Plug and Play
Covers all powered devices. If it has an on/off switch, it is covered, period
Centralized management of the entire electrical infrastructure for large areas
Powerful insights into future energy use through predictive analytics and historical energy consumption patterns

Use Case: Energy Conservation and Automation (Lighting and HVAC)
Less than 2 years RoI for lighting automation
Less than 1.5 years RoI for lighting and HVAC automation
Lighting automation (Ambient light, Motion Detection and schedules)
Remote controlled Air Conditioning automation (Ambient temperature, Motion Detection, Schedules and dynamic set point)

•Ideal for Retrofit environments
•Low Cost, Low Disruption, Low Risk. High Adaptability
•Any Lighting & any A/C vendor.platform to connect & control all powered devices
•Analytics of past use patterns for future predictions and capacity planning (infrastructure, generation, distribution and maintenance)
•IoT ready. In future, third party standard wired and wireless end points can connect PLC backbone