Automated Parking Management System by Konnet ViAn helps monitor the entry and exit gates of a parking area and also assists in parking toll collection. The application of Parking Management System at any premises will help in improving the surveillance, security and efficient management of parking for all types of vehicles.

Parking Management System
  • Image capturing of License Plate Number
  • Driver face Image capturing
  • Barcoded receipt printing
    • Information on receipt – barcode, time stamp, etc.
  • Boom barrier opening when bar code receipt is provided
  • Payment amount is calculated at exit using barcode reader of the receipt
  • View of the entry and exit data at the exit gate
  • All entry and exit data of vehicle will be saved in database
  • Customized report are generated
    • Number of vehicles parked inside parking lot at given time
    • Search report by-
      • i. Vehicle number
      • ii. Entry / Exit Time
    • Entry /exit report (vehicle number, time of entry/exit, drive face image, vehicle image etc.)
    • Payment reports
    • Email of reports to registered email ids
  • Integration with boom barrier
  • Integration with thermal printer
  • Integration with loop detector
Parking Management Solutions are customized for every customer. An example application note is Parking Management System.pdf Parking-Management-System.pdf