Intelligent Driving Test System (IDTS) is an automated driving test track system. IDTS uses a set of cameras and software applications to capture the path traversed by applicants taking the driving test. Based on the prescribed test parameters, the applicant test score is generated and the applicant is declared as successful or unsuccessful along with a detailed test report.

Patent Pending
  • An end to end solution to automate the vehicle driving tests using innovative techniques
  • The solution is an outcome of the latest video analytic algorithms along with creative software capabilities and data networking knowledge
  • Video recording of the candidate driving test for transparent testing
  • Generating a live view of the driving tracks
  • Computation of the candidate driver score in real time
  • Generation of test result with a graphic print out
  • Keeping a record of the candidate driver’s test in database
  • Search of candidate test records for data analytic reports and grievance handling
  • Cameras are installed to monitor the driving tracks
  • Camera calibration is performed to create a virtual top view for easy monitoring the driving tests
  • The expert driver path is created by saving the real driving track data of experts and averaging the paths.
  • During the tests, the Operator registers the candidates in the database along with the RFID tag
  • The candidate driver goes near the “Begin test” camera where his image is captured and his RFID tag triggers the “Start Test” automatically
  • The software detects and tracks the vehicle in the driving track in real time
  • Compares the direction with the expert path for the particular track
  • Sensors along the track boundary trigger when the vehicle hits the kerb
  • Computes the test result as per specified criteria for the track
  • Saves the driver path and result in the database for viewing along with the live video with date and time information for easy retrieval
  • The Traffic Signals along the driving track assist as well as test the driving skills of the candidate