Patent Pending

ANX (1)

  • Hardware Device with Linux
  • ANPR Engine
    • Automatically detects number plate of vehicle in motion in real time
    • Vehicle image capturing
    • Vehicle entry/exit date, timestamp
    • Number Plate Recognition (NPR) using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Algorithms
  • Interface with IP camera through RTSP, Direct interface with Analog Camera
  • Day and night operation
  • Communicates to ViAn SIM_SERVER
  • Local storage for limited video recordings
  • Local Database – MySQL
  • IP 65
Performance with our benchmark streams
Chennai_32.avi 704x576@ 12fps 90%
DelhiNight.avi 704x576 @ 12fps 70%
System Statistics
CPU Load 90%
Average Memory (storage per vehicle record) SQL 7KB
Average Memory (storage per vehicle record) Local Storage 120KB
Typical Memory for 5000 Records per day per lane for 30 days 20GB
Server (for 100 channels) Xeon E5 with 8 cores@3 GHz
Minimum 16 GB RAM
4TB HDD for image storage for 30 days
IP Network LAN setup for ANX and SIM_SERVER
Camera connected to ANX device
Software Packages .NET framework 4.0 or higher
Windows Server 2012
All cameras with rtsp support / Camera SDK libraries to interface with camera
MS SQL Server 2012
Height of camera from ground 5 - 6 m
Distance of vehicle number plate from camera 10 - 20 m
Camera tilt angle 200 – 300
Horizontal field of view 300 – 350
Vertical field of view 200 – 250
Minimum size of character in view 25 Pixel height
Minimum size of License Plate in view 140 x 50 Pixel (width x height)
Maximum rotation of License Plate 200