5 Benefits of integrated Parking Management Systems

Parking system has existed for years, only it was handled manually until the tedious task was simplified by automated service. Installing this system has effectively benefited many organizations in various manners. Here are top 5 benefits of Parking Management System (PMS) – Improving security measures One of the basic advantages of parking system is the increase in the effectiveness of […]


How secure and well managed are our parking spaces? In case of residential premises, most societies have a very peculiar setup. A security guard will stop you at the entrance and ask you to enter your details in a dingy register. More often than not, the security is not even concerned enough to verify the details entered in the register. […]

ANPR – A Quantum Leap in Surveillance, Traffic Management and Transport Systems

The growth rate of Indian population has decreased in the last 3 decades. While that may be true, urbanisation has created dense pockets of populations across the country. This has in effect resulted in urban areas to experience a population explosion. With an unprecedented surge in urban population, these regions are facing challenges in surveillance and traffic management. Take the […]

IDTS is Poised to Revolutionise Motor Driving Tests

At Konnet, our vision has guided us to create end-to-end products and solutions which add intelligence to numerous security and automation processes. We continually aim to develop technologies that will significantly improve the safety of life and property. IDTS is one such solution, a system which promises to revolutionise motor driving tests and potentially mitigate the number of road accidents […]